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Barium chloride anhydrous

CAS number : 10361-37-2

Molecular weight :208.25

Molecular formula/chemical symbol :Bacl2

Description :

Barium chloride Anhydrous is a white crystalline powder. It is free from water molecules and external moisture. It is one of the most important water soluble salts of Barium.





Anhydrous barium chloride mainly used in chemical industry, machinery manufacturing, metal processing.

The chemical industry for the manufacture of barium salt, iron and steel industry for heat treatment, and may be used instead of sodium chloride steel carburizing agent, boiler water treatment and sulfate salt electrolysis. Bacl2 used to make pigments, ceramic products to prevent fading. Textile industry and leather industry as a mordant and artificial matting agents are also widely used in electronic industry.

Report :


Barium chloride anhydrous 99%

Barium chloride anhydrous 98.5%

Barium chloride anhydrous (Bacl2)





≤0.4 %

Calcium (Ca)



Iron (Fe)

≤10 PPM


Strontium (Sr)



Sulfide (as S)

≤10 PPM

≤10 PPM

Water Insoluble