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Barium chloride dihydrate

CAS number : 10326-27-9

Molecular weight :244.26

Molecular formula/chemical symbol :Bacl2.2H2O

Description :

Barium chloride is a white crystalline powder. It contains two molecules of water. It is one of the most important water soluble salts of Barium





In industry barium chloride is mainly used in the purification of
brine solution in caustic chlorine plants.

Used in the manufacture of heat treatment salts.

Used in case hardening of steel

Used in the manufacture of pigments

Used in the manufacture of other barium salts

Used in fireworks to give a bright green color.

Report :

Content of Barium Chlroide as (BaCl2 . 2H2O)

99.0% min

Matter insoluble in water

0.025% max

Iron (as Fe)

30 ppm max

pH of aqueous solution

6 - 8

Water soluble sulphides

50 ppm max

Strontium as Sr

0.03% max

Sodium as Na

0.03% max

Calcium as Ca

0.03% max

Magnesium as Mg

0.005% max