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Four vanadium chloride

CAS number : 7632-51-1

Molecular weight :

Molecular formula/chemical symbol :VCl4

Description :

Bright red liquid. In the air or in water decomposition take white smoke. Soluble in anhydrous alcohol, ether, chloroform and acetic acid, organic solvent. Chemical properties is not so stable. The vanadium metal or vanadium nitride through dry chlorine and after heating. Used in medicine and preparation of vanadium and vanadium organic compounds and vanadium dichloride, three vanadium chloride, etc. Can be used in the preparation of many other vanadium compounds, including two chloride by vanadium. It and many ligand forming adduct, such as and tetrahydrofuran (THF) the reactions that produce VCl4 2. Four vanadium chloride are paramagnetic and diamagnetic than titanium tetrachloride one more valence electron. It is one of the few for liquid at room temperature and paramagnetism of one of the compounds. And brother VF5, NbCl5 and TaCl5 is different, VCl4 by vanadium metal preparation chloride, chlorine oxidation resistance to oxidation to VCl5 vanadium. In addition, four vanadium chloride in the boiling point, the decomposition generated three vanadium chloride and chlorine: 2 VCl4-2 VCl3 + Cl2




In the rubber industry, vanadium tetrachloride can catalytic olefin polymerization reaction. Organic synthesis, the VCl4 can make the phenol coupling, such as phenol reaction formation with 4, 4 '- diphenol, 2 C6H5OH + 2 VCl4 - HOC6H4 - C6H4OH VCl3 + 2 + 2 HCl, rubber industry, VCl4 can catalytic olefin polymerization reaction, mechanism and ziegler-natta catalyst similar. VCl4 and HBr reaction VBr3 formation. Reaction through the intermediate product VBr4, room temperature decomposition release Br2. 2 VCl4 + 8 HBr - 2 VBr3 + 8 HCl + Br2

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The name or description of a commodity

Vanadium tetrachloride

CAS: 7632-51-1


Bright red liquid

Chemical formula