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Nitin Division Visit Songming Organic Chemical Plant

2017-06-07  read:255

Recently, with a large number of inquiries of Tetrabutyltin, Stannous Octoate and other organic tin products, the company urgently seeking new production base, for the arrival of large orders in advance fully prepared.

In may 27, the general manager of Yunnan Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd Wang Anzhi led the nitin group, with the accompany of Songming organic chemical plant power chief to visit Song Ming organic chemical plant.


In the communication with the director of the organic chemical plant in Songming, the nitin division of Titan put forward the idea of the operation and improvement of the existing equipment of the company and put forward the cooperation intention. Organic chemical industry actively introduced the plant‘s history, development and current situation, the company expects the next step in the development and cooperation with the nitin division of Titan Group.