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Chairman of Titan participated in the 13th China International Battery Fair

2018-05-29  read:1427

In May 22nd, the 13th China International Battery (CIBF2018) opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. 1250 exhibitors from around the world showed the new battery technology. Wang Anzhi, chairman of Titan, also arrived at the scene.

In recent years, for the rapid growth of new energy (electric) vehicles and energy storage demand, China‘s lithium battery, especially the power lithium battery industry, has ushered in a period of development, and the long-term prospects of the industry are favored by all parties. China‘s batteries, especially new energy batteries, are ushering in a period of rapid development, adding new impetus to China‘s manufacturing.

The exhibition focuses on a series of batteries, a variety of power batteries and management systems for new energy vehicles, electric bicycles, electric tools, unmanned aerial vehicles, electric vehicles for power stations and related facilities, various energy storage batteries and system solutions for new energy sources, and as well as various battery manufacturing equipment, testing instruments, raw materials. The technology exchange will continue hold with the title of "power battery and energy storage battery", focusing on the latest developments in power batteries, energy storage batteries and various materials.

In order to explore the latest technology, and progress of batteries application for all kinds of electric vehicles, smart grid and microgrid energy storage batteries, the research discussed from five key directions, Including new progress of electric vehicle and battery technology, industry and Application; the research progress in the next generation of lithium battery; the development and the application of the energy storage; the research progress of new battery system and the safety design; manufacture and evaluation of batteries and systems for electric vehicles.

At the meeting, Yunnan Titan discussed the development direction of new materials and new energy on the battery with corporate representatives at home and abroad, made a deep technical exchange with the manufacturing enterprises, and build the cooperation with some exhibitors. This new material battery exhibition has show us more abundant development directions and channels for new materials.