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Titan visit Yuanjiang nickel industry of Yunnan tin group to follow up the bidding and acquisition situation

2018-05-30  read:1340

On the afternoon of May 24, Titanhad visited yuanjiang nickel industry of Yunnan tin group to follow up the bidding and acquisition situation of Yuanjiang nickel industry and the next step of the merger.

Yuanjiang nickel mine is the largest laterite nickel mine in China and has long-term investment value. The development of  Yuanjiang nickel mine has a history of nearly 60 years. Yuanjiang nickel industry has a complete production line. Yuxi city and Yuanjiang country have long regarded the development of Yuanjiang nickel mine as the main industrial development foundation. In recent years,Yunnan province has taken nonferrous metals and their new materials as the leading industry. so the development and management of  Yuanjiang nickel mine have an important influence on the development of Yuanjiang and even Yunnan.

Based on the existing production line and technology accumulation of Yunnan tin group and characteristics of Yuanjiang nickel mine.the Yunnan Titanand the investors made the corresponding commercial plan. Titan plans to restart the purchase of  Yuanjiangnickel industry in response to the re-launch of the third bid. Through the acquisition of Yunnan Yuanjiang Nickel Industry co., ltd. as the starting point of the Titan nickel industry, the new material-oriented integration of global resources to achieve the sustainable development of the Titan nickel industry.