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Rare Earth Department

Welcome to the Rare Earth Department of Titan Advanced materials Co., Ltd,we are producer of rare earth chemicals. We supply mixed rare earth metals, oxides, nitrates, sulphates, carbonates, chlorides .

Rare Earth primary products are mainly used as raw materials for high-purity individual Rare Earth chemicals, and in the making of petroleum and environment protection catalysts, mischmetal, polishing powders and Rare Earth fertilizers.

Most rare earth metals can be processed to different shape and size for evaporation materials, sputtering targets and other specialty applications.

Super pure rare earth oxides are obtained by Ion-exchangetechnology, it can reduce both Rare Earth impurities and non-Rare Earth impurities significantly, to purify individual Rare Earth oxides again to above 99.999% purity, some oxides can achieve 99.9999% purity. These super pure Rare Earth Oxides are widely used in making laser crystal, fibre coating, and high-tech ceramics.